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Mosque Website

Masjid Abu Bakr is located in Paddock, Huddersfield and can accomodate over 500 worshippers. The main hall can hold around 150 people for congregation prayers and the upper floor can hold over 400 people, enabling large gatherings to take place on Jummah/Eid. The masjid also has a section specifically for female worshippers which includes an entrance and female toilets. Our toilets and wudu area is newly built and provides access to disabled people. As well as prayer halls, we have other facilities available within the mosque including kitchens and a small libraray with islamic books.

Websites for all devices

Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular according to the latest stats we access websites more from mobiles than computers, so it is important that our websites are responsive which means the website content fit the scene of the viewer’s device automatically.

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